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I bought a Matthews LX a couple months back with the PSE Carbon Extreme arrows and now I need to purchase broadheads. I have used the 100 grain thunderheads in the past with my previous bow and am using 100 grain field tips this time also. How do you begin to decide which broadhead to use with al... Nov 03, 2014 · The AR-10 and AR-15 jigs only share one part, the threaded piece for the buffer tube extension. If you want to be able to make both AR-10 and AR-15 80% you would need to purchase both jigs. Modulus Arms , Nov 15, 2014 Specifications and Features:Rated #1. The fillet knife fisherman ask for by name!Spend More Time Fishing & Less Time Cleaning FishLightweight, comfortable handle for better control.Extra sharp blade for fast, easy filleting.Durable, expandable curly power cord.Quick & convenient blade release.Heavy duty motor for longer life.High impact motor housing.Safety lock. Apr 04, 2017 · 3 forged lowers with a end mill is like cutting a piece of paper with scissors and then having to sharpen the scissors. I have milled a dozen billet lowers and is still razor sharp. I don't blame the jig company, can't expect people to pay $150 dollars for a jig and then $300 for a single end mill. The rounded edges of the body will sharpen serrated blades and on the bottom edge, there's a V-groove for sharpening hooks and needles. So small you won't even know it's there at 3" x 1¾" x 1/4". Use it in the home or in the field. Take a 3Rivers CC 3-blade broadhead sharpener hunting with you, and stay sharp.

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The handheld Axe & Machete Sharpener from Smith’s® is the perfect tool to use for keeping your axe, hatchet, or machete in prime condition. This simple and easy to use sharpener uses preset carbide blades to quickly put a smooth, sharp edge on both sides of your blade in just minutes.
An entry level guide to hand sharpening cut on contact broadheads with Ranch Fairy. Ranch Fairy's Channel -
Dec 29, 2017 · I carry one of these around in my pocket everyday. I sharpen everything from axes,cold knives,too extending the life of Olfa knife blades( long bladed carpet knife used to cut out windshields). With a little practice you can actually make a razor or cut on impact broadhead even sharper than factory They cost bout $15 ,some ( accusharp)
Put meat in the freezer and trophies on your wall with the Rage Hypodermic Crossbow 2 Blade Mechanical Broadhead. Designed for use with high speed crossbows, the Hypodermic Crossbow head features High Energy Shock Collars for proper blade retention as well as two .035" razor sharp stainless steel blades and ferrule for increased penetration.
An entry level guide to hand sharpening cut on contact broadheads with Ranch Fairy. Ranch Fairy's Channel -
Processing your own game is easy but you will need a few tools to get started such as; a clean cutting surface, a grinder, a sharp knife, and a way to sharpen your knife. In this video, we explain the tools you’ll need plus, we’ll help you figure out how big of a meat grinder you should use and what type of knife is best for game processing.
Apr 25, 2018 · For the fine grade (the mid grade), place the blade on the plate lengthways with the handle pointing towards to your body, this is to stop the handle resting on the diamond plates either side and abrading away. Move your body to the side and press the blade using your fingers.
Dec 26, 2012 · When acquiring stuff on the internet, checking the previous customer review is really essential to stay clear of getting a wrong product. Using this method, you could obtain the honest details you need concerning the product rather than just nodded to what the merchant claims on the promotional release.
STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE and call 1-207-439-9222. When you hear the greeting, dial EXT 330, to connect to the Curbside Pickup department. A KTP team member will confirm purchase via printed or digital receipt and Valid ID shown through vehicle window. Once confirmed, they will place your order in your vehicle's backseat or trunk.
A brief video showing both models of the Stay Sharp Broadhead Sharpening Guide in use.
No other broadhead in the world flies as true as the Spitfire, period. Diamize™ Sharpened Blades. The Diamize™ sharpening process creates the sharpest blades in the industry for massive hemorrhaging and knock down power. They are the sharpest broadhead blades ever created. Sharper blades means quicker kills. Hardened Trophy Tip®
Stay-Sharp Blade Honing Guide, Delafield, Wisconsin. 637 likes · 11 talking about this. Ive created this page to inform folks of the Stay-Sharp Blade Honing Guide. This device/tool will assist...
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Ravin Crossbows Ravin 3 Arrow Quick Detach Quiver. A unique new mounting system allowing for vertical positioning and optimized balance.It securely holds mechanical or fixed-blade broadheads.The quick detach base allows for fast and easy installation and removal.The mounting bracket is used to store the...
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Jan 24, 2013 · 6" 2 Sided Knife Blade Sharpener Sharpening Stone ... JET 708025 CTJ-1 Carving Tool Jig for JSSG-10 Wet ... Arkansas Tri-Hone Knife Sharpener - 3 Stones 6" Arkansas Tri-Hone Knife Sharpener & Oil - 3 Stones... Chemical Sharpener Kits - chem-sharp kit; JET 708020 GJ-1 Gouge Jig for JSSG-10 Wet Sharpener; Easy Precision Screwdriver Blade ...
The Edgemaker Hook File Sharpener will pretty much sharpen anything with a point. A great tool for anglers, this hook file means your favorite bait will also have razor sharp hooks for as long as you own it! Sharpens all hooks Not for arrows and...
Start a bevel at 21 degrees resting on the FLAT. Move to the FACE of the blade, put some marker on the new bevel, and reset your PIVOT. Now you will be set at a much higher angle, but you will be sharpening at 21 degrees on the blade.
Cedar Arrows and Broadheads. 1Longbow. 10-27-2020 04:47 PM ... Bitzenburger Fletching Jigs. ... Stay Sharp "Grey" Broadhead Sharpener. Geezer51. 09-23-2020 03:59 PM

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Safety first. Use extreme caution whenever working with broadheads. They are extremely sharp and may cause serious injury or death if used improperly or carelessly. Hand sharpening without sharpening jigs and aids is demanding but also gratifying. Many bowhunters take pride in the fact that they can sharpen broadheads well this way.
The KME sharpening jig glides on its roller base while the rotating clamp pivots to maintain perfect blade-to-stone alignment to produce true razor-sharp 2-blade broadheads. Includes two sets of alignment jaws, one for any fixed 2-blade broadhead and one for all replacement blades or bleeders. Works with any bench sharpening stone (not included).
If you use both fixed and replaceable blade broadheads, the combo deal is your best bargain. Please watch this video. Click this video link
Canadian outdoor retailer specializing in hunting, shooting sports, camping supplies, fishing equipment, and safety boots and shoes. Established in the 1940's based in Toronto. Shipping in Canada and the United States.
Perfect for breaching, prying, impaling, and pummeling practically anything. 30% fiberglass reinforced handles are nearly indestructible.
Shop Tasers for sale on Weapon Depot a marketplace for gun buyers and sellers. Browse Tasers from thousands of trusted online sellers.
There was a sharp crack from somewhere on. ... Hard to stay ahead. The woods were getting dark and the firelight did not ... fixed in a rough wooden jig that had been ...
Just a quick video on how I use the KME Broadhead Sharpener to get a shaving sharp edge. I have used it on many broadheads like Magnus, Zwickey, STOS, VPA, e...
Bow hunt with the highest quality broadheads and compoentents available. Iron Will Outfitters is for archery hunters that need to rely on their equipment to perform as expected, every time. Precision designed and engineered with premium steel and titanium, these broad heads are made to last.
The Stay Sharp Broadhead Sharpening Guide. That "Nifty" little broadhead sharpening guide. Recently we have added several new broadhead sharpening options to our store. Click on the "shop" tab to see all the broadhead sharpening options available. Thanks.
12 old bear bow archery cedar shaft arrow broadhead tips arrowheads used click to enlarge click to enlarge look to have been taken of shafts but not by me. they look to have original factory sharpening not ground up. good usable heads. see my other auctions for more broad heads. shipping combined if you ask. its not automatically combined in ...
Kme Sharpeners Self-Aligning Broadhead Blade Sharpener, 4in. BH-100 Knife Sharpener Professional Sharpening System + Sharpening Stone Knife Sharpener. This Electric Pro Knife Sharpener Is Chefs Top Choice. Pro Knife Sharpener - Guaranteed! Kobe RA02DC-24-1 Chimney Extension for KOBE Premium Series RA-02 SQB-1
A brief video showing both models of the Stay Sharp Broadhead Sharpening Guide in use.
You can get a sharpening gadget. Jigs, mini belt sanders, pull throughs etc. Eventually you are going to need a way to "thin" or lay back the edge and some of these limit you on that. The better jigs are the KME and Edge pro. Problem is that good sharpening stones and gadgets are expensive.
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